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Be sure to select the appropriate radio button -" Name" if you are searching by name, "Parcel ID" if you are searching by parcel ID, or "Address" if you are searching by address.

HINT ON PARCEL ID SEARCHES:   Insert Tax Parcel ID numbers using dashes. Example: 4715-XX-XXX-XXX. Be sure to click on the "Parcel ID" button.

HINTS ON ADDRESS SEARCHES: You can search addresses one of 3 ways:

  • Enter just the house number/street address.  All the parcels matching that number will be displayed.
  • Enter just the street name.  All the parcels on that street will be displayed.>
  • Enter the combined house number/street address and street name.  This yields the most narrowed list of parcels. This requires entering of the correct spelling of the street name to be successful.

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Updated March 11, 2019